Natalie, Faith + Maeve | Howell, Michigan Mama + Me Session

Listen, you guys know I'm a total boy mom through and through; I honestly couldn't imagine having a girl. BUT sessions like this mama + me one kiiiinda make me want to reconsider that...

Maybe it's because I'm used to basically getting in a week's worth of cardio chasing my boys around/having to pretend I'm violently puking or farting to get their attention - which lasts all of .5 seconds - for ONE freaking photo.

Maybe it's because girls know how to cuddle without turning it into a WWE wrestling match where someone is guaranteed to end up crying and/or bleeding.

Or maybe it's the adorable dresses girls get to wear that were just made for twirling pictures. GIMME ALL THE TWIRLING PICTURES. 

Or the bows. Oh my gosh, THE BOWS YOU GUYS.

Whatever the case, Natalie, Faith + Maeve got this self-proclaimed boy mom 4-eva over here like #TEAMGIRL 😍 Take a look below + you'll totally see why. 🎀