Why You Need to Schedule a Mama + Me Session ASAP | Howell, Michigan

Mamas, I beg of you: mama & me sessions - DO THEM. Get in the frame! I know I preach this to all of my mama friends over and over (and over) but I really cannot say it enough. 

I'll start with this justification, because although cliche, it IS accurate: time is a thief and these moments are SO fleeting.

Now for the real talk: motherhood is HARD. There are some days I know I don't always appreciate it (or feel appreciated). Mama + me sessions can be a good reminder as to how incredibly blessed - and incredibly loved - we are. And let's be honest, sometimes we need those reminders when we're in the thick of it, like discovering that while you were re-heating your coffee for the 5th time and asking your oldest to please stop trying to leave an imprint of his bare butt cheeks on the front window, your youngest got ahold of a dry erase board marker and colored all over your white walls/BRAND NEW Magnolia Home pillows/white rug (😭)  - all before 8 am...

Trust me, I get it, sisters. It can be haaaaaard.

But motherhood can also be so incredibly beautiful, too. It can be easy to lose sight of that in the chaos of day-to-day life with kids, but most seasoned mamas can attest that should you be silly enough to make the mistake of blinking, that fussy baby who won't sleep because he is teething will be running off to school while you desperately bargain for just a little more time to keep him all yours.

I know you probably have a million excuses as to why now isn't the right time. Trust me, I've heard - and used 🙈 - them all. "I want to lose the baby weight first." "But I need to get my hair done first." 

 Here's the thing: none of that matters to your children. It's in our nature to be our own worst critics, but I can guarantee you that when your children look at you, they do not see your perceived flaws. They see love; they see safety; they see the best boo-boo kisser in the universe. They see mama. They see HOME

You are a main character in your children’s life story. Your children NEED to see YOU in their pictures.

Let's make it happen.