top 5 reasons you should do a fresh 48 session

I love fresh 48s, you guys. L-O-V-E them. 


There is nothing quite like witnessing the love and excitement that comes from welcoming a brand new life earthside and I cannot fully articulate how honored I feel every time I have the privilege of documenting such a huge milestone for my families. Typically held within 24-48 hours after your baby's birth, a Fresh 48 session allows you to capture those first moments + brand new details forever, so that weeks, months, and even years later, when the memories from your hospital stay begin to fade, you'll have these treasured photographs to help instantly bring you back to that cherished time. 

I know, you just had a baby. Mama to mama: chances are you won't necessarily be feeling your best or your prettiest. So why in the world would you want to hire a professional photographer to come take pictures of you?! I'll tell you why: 

Because you will never get these moments back. 

Let that marinate for a minute and keep reading for more reasons why you should do a Fresh 48 session. 


1. Those first few days are a blur. Between the exhaustion, the hormones, the feeling that you've been hit by a Mack truck (and then backed over), the visitors, the constant flow of doctors and nurses from your room and oh yeah, the whole trying-to-figure-out-what-to-do-with-this-tiny-little-human-that-was-just-placed-in-your-arms-a-few-hours-ago thing, those first 48 hours after having a baby are a whirlwind - in the best possible way. But as it goes, the most important moments of our lives, the ones we find ourselves yearning for just a moment longer in years later, are often filled with so many details that we want to remember, but tend to forget as our brains are inundated with excitement and emotion. Scheduling a Fresh 48 session means that even though those precious brand new details may fade from your memory as time wears on, they will be preserved for a lifetime via the photographs from your session. 

2. Babies don't keep. They literally grow in the blink of an eye, and your new babe will change a lot in the first few days - and even hours! - of life. From that brand new fuzzy hair, to those brand new wrinkly toes, they will never be this squishy or this little again. Let that sink in and then go have yourself a good ugly cry. 

3. Capture the beginning of a lifetime of friendship. If you already have kids, a Fresh 48 session is a great opportunity to document them meeting their brand new sibling for the very first time. Some older siblings are maternal, some are curious, some are flat-out not interested in that strange little thing made of wrinkles that won't stop crying. Whatever the case, you won't regret having tangible reminder of that once-in-a-lifetime first meeting.

4. Your iPhone Ain't Cutting It. Yeah, I know, portrait mode is pretty cool. BUT when you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring someone who knows and understands light, flattering posing and editing. This means that I can work in any lighting scenario while making sure your family is lit and positioned in the most flattering way possible and I carefully edit each photo so that while you may not necessarily *feel* your best after delivery, you'll at least look it. These images are your legacy; they're your child's legacy. This is such a huge milestone for your family and it deserves to be captured and portrayed beautifully by a professional. You will not regret investing in quality images that last a lifetime.

5. You get to be present. Piggy-backing on #4, nevermind the fact that if you're holding the camera, you can't be in the photo yourself. As a veteran mama, take it from me: those first few days are full of so many firsts and fleeting moments that you will never get back. Trust me, I know all-too-well the struggle to live-in-the-moment but also not miss documenting the moment, but I cannot encourage you enough to BE PRESENT. Soak that brand new-ness up as much as you possibly can because when it's gone, it's gone. Remember: you can never get those moments back. When you hire me, you/your partner get to put your phones down and just enjoy your baby. Now that's not a bad gig at all, huh? 

If you're still on the fence, check out some highlights from baby Ruby's Fresh 48 session. Then let's chat about capturing this exciting time that your family will cherish forever.