wardrobe + styling: why it matters + how to nail it


how to dress for your session

Hey babes! 

I want to chat with you guys about wardrobe styling for your session and why I feel it's such a crucial component of any amazing photograph. I know that for me, personally, trying to find the perfect outfits for my tribe for family photos is overwhelming - to say the least! You're trying to find outfits that are cohesive, but not matchy-matchy; timeless but still represent your personalities/family vibe; and most importantly, make you look + FEEL GOOD! Add in two kids, a dog, and a husband - yeah, ain't nobody got time for that!

That being said, wardrobe + styling is a very big piece of the "amazing photograph" recipe, quite possibly right behind light, if you ask me (and you know I love me some light!) Clothing choices can truly elevate an image, or worst case scenario - wardrobe can completely detract from the most important part of an image which is YOU! The gorgeous subjects. This isn't to say that you should ditch your family's style and look like pod-people for your session; not at all! The key is to find ways to integrate elements of your unique style (e.g., traditional, retro, romantic) while still maintaining a timeless feel to your images via wardrobe choices that allow the focus to be on your beautiful family, not on the fact that dad was wearing the sneakers he mows the lawn in. 

That is why when I heard about Style + Select which is essentially a personal stylist + personal shopper + style guide + pinterest all rolled into one, I knew I had to offer it to my clients. In a nutshell, you visit the site, enter my unique code, tell them a little about your family (how many people, sizes, color preferences) and voila! Up pops a variety of options - including accessories! - for you to browse. If you like something, you can click the shopping cart icon and it will take you to the retailer's website to purchase. That's it. DONE! No more hours wasted shopping for the wrong styles or if you're anything like me - scrambling in a panic at the last minute to get your family outfitted + presentable because #momlife. Style + Select takes the guesswork - and quite frankly, the WORK - out of styling your family. Cue the hallelujah chorus! 

A few more things I love about Style + Select (that you will too!):

1. They only include session friendly clothing options. Meaning: although some things are on trend, they don't always photograph well. Case in point: off-the-shoulder tops/dresses - yes they're super adorable BUT experience has shown that you'll constantly be pulling the shoulders down and you'll be more restricted in your movements throughout the session; it's never a good thing to wear something you'll be fidgeting with constantly/are potentially uncomfortable in. Thankfully, the creators of Style + Select make sure this doesn't happen. 

2. The options are affordable. You won't have to sell your first-born or take out a second mortgage to outfit your family for your session. They pull options from H&M, Zara, Target, Old Navy, Torrid, Modcloth, and Free People, with a large majority of the items you'll see ranging from $10-$80. It is totally possible to look amazing + not break the bank. YASSS HONEY.

3. They're inclusive. Style + Select believes that everyone deserves to look amazeballs for their session, no matter your shape or size which is why they offer newborn-plus size and even include maternity options. 

Yes, it really is that amazing AND it's available to all Amanda Lee Photography clients. Woohoo! Take a look at the video below to see more of how it works. All clients who book a family session with me + use the Style + Select service to help style their family for our session will receive 15% OFF your session fee for a limited time. 

I know you're gonna love this as much as I do!