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Hey babes!

If you follow me on social media, you know that I suffer from something known as "take-too-many-damn-pictures-itis" (the struggle is real, y'all!) Seriously, I love documenting my boys; they are the reason my business is what it is today, after all. They're my original muses, my (relatively cooperative) guinea pigs when I want to try something new; my constant source of inspiration with their hilarious antics, and I firmly believe that shooting them daily (or daily-ish) has led to so much of my growth over the past year. I get to be fearlessly creative when I'm shooting them, try new techniques, play with light and shadows... in a nutshell, it's fun, and beyond that I have so many awesome images of their childhood that I can't wait to share with them when they're a bit older and better able to appreciate them (THEY BETTER APPRECIATE THEM!) 

So, although I generally hate winter because it gets so cold here that your face hurts just walking from the house to your car; my hair and skin and nails are so so so so SO dry; it gets so dark so early and the days can be so gray and just blah...winter is one of my favorite times of the year to shoot, because with the slower season comes more time to spend on my personal work. And, as much as I don't love being cooped up in the house, I do love the challenge it presents to see and use light (as little as we may get here in the winter *cry face*), in new ways. I'm a sucker for shadows and the depth and emotion they lend images, so as much as I love a good golden hour or a bright and airy room, it's finding those little pockets of light on some of the dreariest winter days and using it to showcase a juicy little face feeding his dinosaur some candy hearts, for example, that really makes my photographer heart happy.

Here's a little look at what I'm doing when I'm not shooting your beautiful families.  <3