Cox Family | Lifestyle Family Session

The Cox family was pretty much a dream-come-true for a family session. When Mom contacted me, she mentioned she really wanted candids of the kids being kids versus more traditional portraits... AKA sign me up! Now, I love me a beautiful portrait, but you guys know I can't resist a good game of parachute or ring-around-the-rosey! So, that's what we did. We ran and twirled and told secrets and laughed about who has the stinkiest morning breath (I'm held to secrecy on that one! ;)) and most importantly - there were lots of cuddles. Like I said, dream. come. true.

Listen, I know family pictures can be stressful. You're trying to coordinate outfits and schedules and when you have small children, you have no idea how they'll react when faced with a stranger wielding a giant camera for an hour. But, I'm a firm believer that amidst all of the chaos that inevitably comes along with family photos, they should also be fun. You shouldn't be yelling at your kids to sit still and smile at the camera for an hour. You should be making memories with them. You should be playing with them and loving on them and letting me capture all of those smiles and snuggles so that when you look back on these photos one day, you won't have a wave of panic wash over you when you think of having to do this again. Instead, you'll remember all of the fun you guys had together and hey, you may even call me to set up another session sooner rather than later because that's how much fun I am ;)

If you're still not convinced that family photos can actually be - gasp! - enjoyable, here are some highlights from the Cox family's adorable session to further convince you :)