Genevieve | Mama + Me Session

Mamas, I beg of you: mama & me sessions - DO THEM. Get in the frame! I know I preach this to all of my mama friends over and over (and over) but I really cannot say it enough. These moments are everything and they are SO fleeting. Capture the best days of your life, not only for you, but for your kids!

I was given the opportunity to participate in a Mother's Day photography campaign for a well-known baby goods manufacturer (more on that in May! Eek!) and my dear friend Dayna was kind enough to let me use her beautiful baby girl as my model. In addition to the campaign photos, I had Dayna get in the frame for a few mama + me shots with Genevieve with a few cameos from adorable big brother Franklin. I've known Dayna since we attended preschool together so to see her in this role as mama to a soon-to-be preschooler and gorgeous baby girl is so incredible to say the least (and makes me feel old, but we won't go there). Dayna is such a wonderful mother + you can feel the love radiating from these photos. Enjoy a few highlights from this adorable, impromptu session!